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    Pregnancy Approved

Pregnancy Approved is a mobile app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Use Pregnancy Approved to scan barcodes of any over the counter medications to know if you can take them during pregnancy. Every item in the database is has been reviewed by a board certified OBGYN. 

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was the database structure. We not only wanted to provide information about products based on barcode scanning, we also wanted them to be able search by product name, generic ingredients, and symptoms. The challenge was to structure the database so that the user always finds an answer, and more importantly a product they can take. 

The next challenge was to capture product information NOT in our system. While the database has over 4,000 unique products, Pregnancy Approved captures data from scans and searches and asks for user feedback to help grow our database. We need to be sure we capture the data correctly, then established a verification process to ensure the information is correct. 


The Results

The Results: 

Pregnancy Approved launched on the app stores in the fall of 2016. User statistics are still being complied. We created an easy to use interface that instantly greets users with three options. They can scan a UPC code, search for a product or ingredient by name, or search from a list of common symptoms experienced by pregnancy women.

Results are fast and easy to read.


Not Approved

Consult Your Physician

Searching based on symptoms is breeze. Simply type in your symptom and the system will provide a list of approved items you can take during pregnancy. 

Can't find a product? Barcode isn't in our system? Symptom isn't listed? Don't worry! The best part about Pregnancy Approved is that it's constantly growing. Everytime a user searches a product or symptom that isn't in our system, we capture that information and update our database so that other can benefit. All data is verified by a board certified OBGYN so you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible medical advise. 

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